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Believe it or not the season is almost over already.  The past four weeks have just flown by and they were filled with non-stop great powder skiing!  With only four more weeks to go, here is a taste of how good the past month has been. 

Until next time (probably April, the way things are looking here),
let the powder fly!

Snow and Sunshine!

Well, I've been at it again for another two weeks and had enough pictures that I thought I would continue on with a new slideshow.  The past couple weeks have been full of great skiing!  It was super deep and then the sunshine came through by the end of this past week.  Although it felt like spring a little too much, it was welcomed!  Enjoy!


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It's Been Dumping!

Due to large amounts of white stuff, I have fallen behind on my blog and have accumulated more than just snow.  With deep powder shots mixed in with some frigid cold smoke there are too many pictures I wanted to post.  Therefore I decided to throw together a quick slideshow so that you don't have to scroll down and down and down, instead sit back and relax for a couple minutes and enjoy! 



Hope you enjoyed the pictures this week and that you have all been enjoying the freshing as much as I have!

And if it's night time for you and your imaging the turns you may get tomorrow, you can check out more pictures at

Moon lit Vernon

So this post is not on the norm with the rest.  There are no helicopter, skiers, snowboarders or people at all.  Just one moon, a bunch of stars and some good ol' city lights.  I was on my way into Vernon for a few days off and the moon was beaming over town so I decided to make a quick stop and grab a few shots.  Here you have 'em.

Lit up

I can't decide if I like 1 or 2 better, so I'll let you decide!

Star Gazing

So far away.

And again, you get to decide which you like more.


Happy New Years!

Wishing the best 2012 to all of you!  Here are a few images that ended off 2011 for me.

Blown Away

What Blue River is famous for!


Finding the Line

Finding the nose for the powder!

Distant Light


Up Top!

For more pictures and video check out the weekly Wiegele galleries here.

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