My name is Jason Martin, I am a photographer based out of Vernon, BC.  Every since I was a little kid there always seemed to be a lens pointed at me, it may have only been the family SLR but it seemed to always be there.  I think this made me camera-shy so I figured what better way to fix the problem then to get behind one.  From there, it just clicked.

Growing up in London, Ontario allowed me to spend my summers either mountain biking or sailing and winters skiing.  Growing up enjoying the outdoors, the decision was easy to move to BC when I was 18.  Then I was able to truly explore the mountains by means of bicycle, skis and foot.  Eventually I got my own dSLR camera and it quickly became part of my pack on every outing.  Now I have a selection of Nikon photography gear and it has always accompanied me on new adventures and help tell the story after.

I hope you enjoy viewing my images and letting them tell the stories.  If you would like your own stories to be told (or should I say, shown) please feel free to contact me.

Your Pictures. Your Story.